Hermetic  SiC Schottky Rectifiers  is offering unique rugged SiC Schottky Rectifiers. Through an intense development efforts, Global Power Technologies Group is able to offer these low leakage rectifiers that use hermetic packages in the 1200V ratings. Innovative design and fabrication techniques are used to achieve the low leakage currents, and matched packaging technology that use high temperature solders, encapsulants and ceramic packages to achieve the industry’s most compelling Hermetic SiC power device products.

  • Optimized for  temperature operation up to 175°C
  • Inherently Lowest leakage currents at high temperatures
  • Compatible with standard through hole and surface mount packaging
  • Low on-resistance
  • No Reverse Recovery Charge
  • Positive coefficient for easy paralleling
  • Low switching losses for power switches AND low EMI
  • Our Temperature (175°C rated) SiC Schottky Rectifier Products: Are perfect for the Down Hole market where it matches with other  components in a down hole design.


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Model VDC If TO Package Spice Models
GP2D015A120N 1200 V A TO-258-3L GP2D015A120
GP2D015A120P 1200 V A TO-276AB GP2D015A120