Silicon Fast Recovery Rectifier modules feature fast recovery times, soft recovery characteristics, low thermal impedance, and a high surge current rating. Applications include inverters, buck- and boost-choppers, high-powered transmitters, or as a free-wheeling diode. 

Specific attributes which are important in selecting the right Fast Recovery Diode/Rectifier for your application include: Amperage Rating, Maximum Recurrent Reverse Voltage (VRRM) and Maximum RMS Voltage (VRMS).

Product Selection Table:
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Model Current VRRM VRMS
GSXF030A020S1-D3 60A 140V 200v
GSXF030A040S1-D3 60A 280V 400V
GSXF030A060S1-D3 60A 420V 600V
GSXF030A100S1-D3 60A 700V 1000V
GSXF030A120S1-D3 60A 840V 1200V
GSXF060A020S1-D3 120A 140V 200V
GSXF060A040S1-D3 120A 280V 400V
GSXF060A060S1-D3 120A 420V 600V
GSXF060A100S1-D3 120A 700V 1000V
GSXF060A120S1-D3 120A 840V 1200V
GSXF100A020S1-D3 200A 140V 200V
GSXF100A040S1-D3 200A 280V 400V
GSXF100A060S1-D3 200A 420V 600V
GSXF100A100S1-D3 200A 700V 1000V
GSXF100A120S1-D3 200A 840V 1200V
GSXF120A020S1-D3 240A 140V 200V
GSXF120A040S1-D3 240A 280V 400V
GSXF120A060S1-D3 240A 420V 600V
GSXF120A100S1-D3 240A 700V 1000V
GSXF120A120S1-D3 240A 840V 1200V
Model Current VRRM VRMS