GPTG offers it's 4th generation of compact onboard chargers using SiC Power devices (MOSFETs and SBDs) for plug?in hybrid vehicles/electric vehicles (PHEV/EV) applications. Our sub-systems convert alternating current from widely used AC110?220V/16A outlet to DC Voltages for charging the automotive battery by controlling voltage and current flow to the battery. The charger is designed to provide the interfaces of global charging standards (like SAE?J1772) on the input power side and thus adapts to the given charging infrastructure. The unit is controlled by CAN messages from a battery management system, and sends back its live data like battery voltage, current, available power etc. through the embedded micro?controller based control unit. The galvanic isolation between AC input and battery side is crucial for personal safety. The built?in protective features like monitoring overvoltage, overcurrent, temperature, and short/open circuit to prevent damage to charger or battery. It also provides delayed charging and vehicle pre?conditioning mode from utility power. Its compact and light weight design, robustness, wide coolant/ambient temperature range, and the high conversion efficiency, low EMI, and CAN operation make it the right choice for PHEV/EV chargers.