Global Power Technology Group’s commitment to quality and service is the foundation of our product strategy. Global Power Technology Group has implemented company-wide quality improvement system which demonstrate the Company's commitment to continual improvement and Customer satisfaction.  The quality management systems of Global Power Technologies Group establishes methods to ensure our products are properly documented, implemented and monitored to achieve planned results, Customer satisfaction and to promote continual improvement throughout the organization.

You can download pdf copies of our quality documentation here:

Global Power Technologies Group is committed to protecting the environment and individual health and safety. We shall comply with all environmental regulations, health and safety laws applicable to our business. We employ continual efforts to minimize the environmental impact from our products.  All GPTG products are RoHS compliant regardless of lead finish, i.e. free from mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBB, and PBDE. Products are compliant.  Restricted substances for China RoHS are the same as EU RoHS and GPTG is committed to full compliance with China’s Management Methods on the Control of Pollution from Electronic Information Products.